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Our lawyers and staff have been specifically trained to defend property owners in matters ranging from foreclosure defense, loan modification, bankruptcy, debt consolidation / reduction / elimination as well as performing other real estate related activities to improve the financial positions of our clients.

Our staffs of attorneys, paralegals and real estate professionals have extensive experience in representing our clients and enabling them to get back on their feet financially during this current and dramatic downturn in the economy. We utilize every legal remedy available to us to provide our clients better financing terms on their current loans and additional time to right their financial ship.

Our law firm presently handles hundreds of foreclosure cases throughout the State of Florida. In addition, we currently work with clients and their lenders throughout the United States by negotiating better terms on their mortgage through loan modifications.

Every client’s economic situation is different. The first step is to speak with one of our staff members so we can understand the specifics of your current economic situation. This enables us to map out the best legal course of action for you. Different situations and circumstances call for different actions.

The options to help clients include:

Foreclosure Defense
critical for anyone that has been sued by their bank. Legal representation is crucial to avoid judgment and further damage to your credit. Our litigators fight for the rights of our clients.

Loan Modifications
are designed to reduce current payments, reduce interest rates, reduce principal, eliminate late fees and provide more favorable financing terms on current loans.

can provide a breather from creditors and a fresh financial start where debts are eliminated or reduced.

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Wesoloski Carlson,P.A. is a full service law firm located on Brickell Avenue in downtown Miami, Florida. Our law firm is dedicated to serving our clients by providing top quality professional legal counsel.